author of Feeding Eden

Soy Isolation

Knowledge is power. That's one of my food allergy mantras. And I've tried to impart age appropriate information to my son. For example we don't discuss how he can die from a reaction because I don't think that can explicitly help him right now.

While on a school vacation the other morning, eating an endless bowl of cereal, I heard him say this to his sister: "So...I can have soybean oil but not soy protein. Especially that isolate. That isolate is bad." Then nothing. Spoons tapping bowls. Swallows.

As Holden Caulfield says, "It kills me." Rather, it killed me. And inexplicably I was inspired to write a poem...
Soy "Intolerance"
soy protein isolate
oh you
as IF you earned bedside pleasures with
the macros: Graham Flour, Expeller Pressed Oil
I see you sidling up to Dried Whey
riding the coattails of The Meal Replacement Bar
like the others before you - saccharine and red dye #2
you will go down hard
malignant spawn of texture "enhancers"
your shunning is so close
and I will be laughing, grilling my free-range franks, at my barbecue
you're NOT invited