author of Feeding Eden


As if having a kid with allergies isn't stressful enough - Now I'm stressed out about whether I'm stressing him out about them because new findings show that stress can make allergies worse.

Of course, my common sense always told me that panic during an allergic reaction would certainly mimic certain symptoms like shortness of breath. And an experienced therapist used to use a great analogy when we discussed childhood allergies: 
"Think of your son like a barrel and his allergies fill it partially, unlike non-allergic people. Other things that bother people can fill it too, like illness and fatigue, so you want to watch that his barrel doesn't get too full." 
Wise words. But this study (which describes skin welts increasing as much as 75% due to stress) really brings the connection home. Certainly I can control my own facial expressions and tone during the unexpected exposures, make testing appointments over school holidays etc. But, eventually I will have to teach Eden to manage his own stress. 
Wonder if I can link a Worry Stone onto that medical ID bracelet he wears...?