author of Feeding Eden

A Neb Spring

What with Daylight Savings last weekend and the "at least it's not so goddamn cold" days, SPRING is clearly near. And I'm getting jittery. I haven't written about Eden's asthma yet because we had a fairly un-asthmatic winter, knock knock, spit spit. But Eden's got seasonal asthma. 

For example, this past September - I purchased a second nebulizer for school nurse's office after one too many invigorating jogs down 3rd Avenue - suckin' fumes - to pick him up and taxi home to the "neb." (His word - seems nicknames reduce the angst.)

So you could say that I'm waiting for that first wheeze. Except that Eden rarely wheezes. What I'm really waiting for is the predictable and yet, somehow, unavoidable sequence from first cough to: 
"Something in your throat sweetie?" Then "Buddy you should drink some water!"  Then "Oh...oh." Then "Did you hear him last night? It was bad." Then "Sorry. I know. I know. But let's get it done before you drink chocolate milk okay? You can squeeze the medicine in!" 
Until IT happens, I guess I'll re-read last year's breakthrough research regarding global warming and asthma hope for more like it and well, breathe.