author of Feeding Eden

We Need a Peanut Butter Patch

As I read about peanut butter sales falling down by 25% in The New York Times today, I wonder, briefly, stupidly, if I should be glad. Nah. As the mother of a peanut-allergic child it might seem like the enemy is in retreat, at least in terms of popularity. I know better. 

For one, for the people who love it, peanut butter on bread is the equivalent of a Crack Sandwich. Also, over the past years, I watched both the Veggie Booty and packaged spinach pandemonium as an outsider. I never ate much of either of those foods. (The Booty has soy flour, a no-no, and I don't particularly like that kind of spinach.) The American public doesn't collectively reject food stuffs for very long. I predict that convenience and taste will win over safety. My experience with my son has taught me that there is a big difference between: "If I eat this there I could die" and "If I eat this I most probably will die."