author of Feeding Eden

3 Reasons That GOOP By Gwyneth Paltrow Is Like Peanuts In Eden By Susan Weissman

1. Both Gwyneth and I used to be equally "bemused" by fashion but as parents have been forced to adapt a uniform

Example: G.P. likes Bottega Veneta while S.W. prefers Lands End Therma Check.

2. Gwyneth has frequent video chats with her trainer, an "organic plastic surgeon" while I frequently text my husband who has an office in the meatpacking district where he thinks they hang entire sides of organic beef.
3. When handling her children Gwyneth often "names" the feelings confronting her  while I name my children's feelings in order to name the feelings confronting me.
Example: G.P. says "Mommy is having a bad day." S.W. says "You must be feeling psychotic today and that is why mommy is having a day in the crazy land of crazy you!"